CouchSurfing Sucks!


 This is a website people that are looking into Couchsurfing and want to know everything about it and want to find out if Couchsurfing is right for you and if you want this Big risks that come with Couchsurfing.. My experiences with Couch surfing has been bad and good but due to terrible customer service you'll have to read my story! Couchsurfing is going to find out the hard way of what one man can really do to a company, I build  over 5 million visitors first page ranking even above them for the own domain name!) Companies like Couchsurfing think they can just do or not do anything with no recourse Just like when  I sued Countrywide and won.. as well as lost them millions in customers and money but they were given the same chance as Couchsurfing and had they have attitude as How cares what can he do... Couchsurfing will punished now for what they have done.. Other Couchsurfers can leave their stories here as well when Im done.

To Couchsurfing: 
Get Better customer service and answer peoples emails... and Second of all no one wants to call India for an American company when there is Safety Issues Couch surfing!